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    Tessi CRC Rogervoice
    Business sector: Customer Relations Center’s Business sector: Telephone accessibility service for the deaf and hearing-impaired
    Locations: 5 countries Location: Paris
    Number of employees: +4,600 Number of employees: 30

    Interview with Raphael L’Yvonnet, Contact Center Business Director, Tessi CRC


    “The social impact of the solution made us want to get involved in this collaboration”

    Question 1 – What drove you to create a partnership with a solution like Rogervoice?

    Rogervoice is one of the first start-ups to be presented to Tessi’s employees by Pépites Shaker. We were quickly won over by the concept: their application allows people who are deaf and hard of hearing to access telephone customer service centers of companies and administrations. This is an issue that was previously overlooked! After this 1st meeting, our partnership was formed very quickly.
    It was Olivier Jeannel, the founder of Rogervoice, who made us aware of the difficulties encountered by this community. He explained to us how, thanks to their incredible team of interpreters for sign language (and cued speech) and their technology, they were able to create an intuitive solution to overcome the issues.
    Setting aside the technological performance, the Rogervoice solution has a social nature that made us want to get involved in this partnership. It’s inspiring to support a project with such a strong value proposition.

    Question 2 – How easy was the implementation and integration of the solution?

    It all comes down to a few standard industry concepts: Plug and Play, API, and widgets!
    Put another way, the implementation period for a solution like Rogervoice is extremely short. There is no development to do, you just need to plug it into the client installations.
    In real terms, we just needed to coordinate with the client’s digital teams to get access rights for the websites and to allow for the adaptation of the graphic style guide.
    As for training our teams of advisors in the customer relations centers, that was very efficient as well. If we take the example of our client ADP: our team of twenty customer contact people were trained to use the tool in one morning.
    In my opinion, this is largely down to the user experience. Tessi’s staff answer a call either using the application or the web interface. Then, they answer the questions with the help of a sign language translator or thanks to the Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text algorithm that vocalizes and transcribes the conversation.

    Question 3 – What have you learnt from your collaboration with Rogervoice?

    This service changes the methods for contacting a company’s customer service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We have observed that a key aspect for implementing it successfully is communication about the service. The more the client promotes the service, the more it will be used.
    In this way, the French “Law for a Digital Republic” on the accessibility of customer services greatly encouraged interest and communication about the Rogervoice solution
    This law creates new opportunities for developing our partnership with the company. We are highly satisfied with the quality of their service and therefore wish to offer the Rogervoice solution to our clients so that we can make customer services available to everybody.

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