Copyright and intellectual property: Market challenges

The growth of digital technologies allows us to share our intellectual creations with endless numbers of people. But this sharing also increases the risk of counterfeits. In this digital environment, it is essential to protect your work and bring irrefutable proof that it belongs to you. Defend your copyright and intellectual property.

Our solution: Intellectual property protection

Fight fraud and counterfeiting with proof of integrity !

Have you come up with a design, an innovation, or a concept, for which you want to have an effective intellectual property solution?

Fight fraud and counterfeiting with proof of integrity and precedence !

Tessi offers you the MaPreuve platform to digitally register your intellectual property. With our certified timestamp and electronic signature technology, you can access your documents at any time and prove their authenticity in case of dispute.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • Use a simple, intuitive, automated platform
  • Upload any kind of document to be certified, without a size or file format: sales know-how, invention, artistic creation (photo, video, video game), will, recipe, etc.
  • No need to renew
  • Includes a free proof-checking service
  • Our copyright and intellectual property protection is legally based on the electronic signature system
  • Proofs of integrity and precedence that can be used in court
  • For each proof created, you receive a private electronic certificate and a public certificate


  • Centralise all of your intellectual creations to prove their authenticity at any time
  • Easily provide proof of integrity and precedence for all of your intellectual property
  • Enjoy affordable rates with volume discounts
  • Protect your intellectual property with our irrefutable evidence
  • Our intellectual property and copyright protection is recognised in 170 countries, including the United States and China

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