Tessi is a major European player in BPS (Business Process Services). For over 50 years, we have been reinventing ourselves on a daily basis to help manage the digital transformation of all kinds of businesses. To help you with your business process improvement, our goal is to find and combine the right solution and the technology that best fit your needs. Our approach is always part of a strategy of innovation, with a focus on excellence.

Our vision of BPS is customer-centric. We always combine service with technology, aiming toward a single goal: to streamline user journeys and associated processes. As a trusted third party, Tessi offers partially or totally delegated services.

We are at your side to create a complete management package that optimises costs, response times, security and quality of service. We can intervene at any step of the customer experience to make your work easier. By trusting us, you can focus on your core business.

Tessi in figures

With a presence in 15 countries and nearly 13,000 employees, we offer a modular global package combining consulting, outsourced services, customer relations, state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Innovation at the heart of our ecosystem

We have taken the strategic decision to own a majority of the technologies offered to our customers. To better support our partner companies, we have put innovation at the heart of our growth by combining marketing and digital transformation solutions. See the possibilities our various units offer to design the future of your business: Tessi Lab, Cetia and the Pépites Shakers programme.

Our responsibility towards our employees, suppliers, and the environment.

Tessi: a company with a conscience

At Tessi, we combine technological development, economic growth, and human responsibility. Our company culture is anchored by a threefold responsibility towards our employees, suppliers, and the environment.

Our offices

Société de services, Tessi vous accompagne dans vos transformations digitales.
Tessi est un acteur international reconnu dans les Business Process Services.


Acquisition de VILT, spécialiste ECM – CCM

Lancement de la Digital Factory de Tessi

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