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Our environmental and social policy

Tessi: a company with a conscience

At Tessi, we are committed to combining technological development and economic growth while taking into account the social, societal and environmental impact of our activities. Our responsible approach is reflected in our historical commitments and a demanding CSR strategic roadmap defined in consultation with all our stakeholders.
Since January 2011, we have maintained and regularly reaffirmed our support and commitment to the Global Compact France and the United Nations through our adherence to the 10 principles of the Global Compact and our direct or indirect contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Social responsibility

In all our units, the quality and well-being of our teams is our first concern.

That’s why we do everything for our employees at Tessi to fulfil their ambitions and make them grow: advantageous training policies, preventing psycho-social risks, taking difficult working conditions into account, fostering company dialogue and fighting discrimination.

We encourage a diverse workforce, equal opportunities, and gender equality. In the same vein, we have adopted an ambitious inclusion policy for disabled employees at all levels of our organisation.

“Social responsibility and respect for the environment are values that we have held dear for many years. Combining these values with sustained growth for 10 years has required tenacity, energy, and conviction on the part of teams. This has been true in-house and on the part of our customers. It is important for us to make daily commitments to make this happen"

Emmanuelle Ertel - Director of Communication & Digital Innovation

An ethical commitment

Our ethics and moral charter requires us to comply with local and international regulations (Sapin 2 Law in France, GDPR, etc.). Our data protection and digital trust systems allow us to participate in the fight against fraud and corruption and business security in partnership with the relevant authorities.

Furthermore, we have included our ethics code into our internal regulations to involve all our employees in our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.


Protecting the world that protects us

We seek to reduce the environmental impact (CO2 emissions, etc.) of our activities by optimally managing natural resources. After auditing our procedures, we have adopted a proactive waste-reduction (paper and industrial) and recycling approach to our computer hardware. We also make sure our data centres and servers function optimally to reduce our electricity consumption. Our teams and suppliers are regularly made aware of sustainable development issues.

Tessi in figures

Present in 15 countries and with 13,000 employees, we offer a complete modular platform encompassing consultancy, outsourced services, customer relations, cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Tessi’s commitments

Tessi is eager to build its growth on a foundation of values and principles, implemented by its leaders and employees, and clearly asserts its ethical and environmental commitments and its responsibility in all areas of its business. To formalise these commitments, Tessi drew up a sustainable development charter which all employees could refer to and comply with at all times. Of course, these rules are not exhaustive but they do provide useful benchmarks for all employees and partners.

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