E-Signature: Market challenges

Today, many businesses are seeking to improve their business processes and general management operations. The digitisation of the customer process is a significant part of this goal. Electronic signatures are essential for making exchanges smoother while also giving a legal value to the signed digitally documents, guaranteeing their integrity and authenticity. Two regulations bring useful clarity in this area. Since 2010, the use of electronic signatures has been covered in France by the General Security Standard (RGS) and the European eIDAS Regulation since .

Tessi is here to help you with a simple and complete e-signature offer: Tessi SIGN. Make electronic signatures easier!

Our electronic signature solution Tessi SIGN

Make electronic signatures easier!

Do you need a ready-to-use tool to offer your customers simple or advanced electronic signatures for your documents ?

Choose our Tessi SIGN e-signature solution.

It’s easy to set up and meets 80% of standard electronic signature requirements. For simple signatures, our goal is to gather a sufficient level of evidence for you to make a bill of sale using an OTP code (SMS, landline or authenticator application) to finalise the customer’s signature.

For advanced electronic signatures, Tessi SIGN gathers and checks the consistency of all documents provided: proof of identity, bank details, payslip, proof of address, etc., and we can even connect with various digital identity providers.

Do you have several signees or several customer relations channels ? Let them sign your digital documents on a biometric tablet, via mobile or on your website, and process your contracts more easily with a document workflow that is easy to set up.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A white-label portal in WYSIWYS mode (What You See Is What You Sign)
  • An e-signature workflow that can be configured for several signees
  • Many devices are supported: biometric tablet, SMS OTP, digital identity, etc.
  • Advanced or simple electronic signatures
  • eIDAS / RGS (General Security Reference) Certificate, Seal and Timestamp
  • A connection hub to the various European digital identity providers


  • Track your contracts’ progress at a glance any time
  • The time needed to sign your contracts is divided by three
  • Your processing costs are reduced thanks to zero paper
  • eIDAS legal compliance of your exchanges guaranteed
  • Boost customer satisfaction
Certigna SIGN
Découvrez notre nouvelle plateforme de signature électronique facile, agile et sécurisée.

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