Market challenges

Today, customers are more demanding, curious, and inclined to go elsewhere; each company must adjust its customer relationship management to offer clients a personalised and omni-channel experience. This transformation includes integrating CRM solutions to manage a variety of data from multiple sources (transactions, web browsing, identification, etc.). While a wide variety of integrated CRM solutions has appeared on the market in recent years, very few are able to combine simplicity, flexibility, and attractive pricing like our proprietary platform, Tessi OnCustomer.

Our CRM solutions and marketing automation solution

Connect all your business applications and centralise your customer data.

Tessi OnCustomer is a CRM solution that makes it easier for companies to manage their customer relations and all business processes.

Connect all your business applications and centralise your customer data on a single platform. Thanks to Tessi OnCustomer’s single customer repository, you get a comprehensive view of all your interactions with your customers.

Its open and interoperable architecture allows you to customise your interfaces, your workflows and your dashboards to fit your business requirements and maximise your productivity. In addition, you can automate many of the critical tasks in your customer processes to improve your response time, such as automating personalised real-time marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and KYC remediation of your customer records.

This way, you improve your customers’ loyalty by offering them personalised offers that fit their individual purchase process while identifying new business opportunities.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • Take advantage of a CRM and marketing automation solution that can support all of your customer processes and is fully customisable to the needs of your industry.
  • OnCustomer can connect to a multitude of other platforms. Thanks to our open technology, we ensure the full operability of all your client systems.
  • Our solution is designed for and by users!
  • Choose the integration method that is best for you: SaaS, cloud, intranet, etc.
  • Our technology is perfectly secure and complies with existing European regulations (GDPR, PSD2, etc.)


  • Save time with a solution that can be integrated in less than 15 days.
  • Reduce your campaign management costs by 30%!
  • This optimised omni-channel experience improves your customer relationship management
  • Pay only for the modules installed, not the whole solution!
  • Reduce the number of business applications by nearly 40% with an integrated solution.

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