Sector challenges

Make your costs variable and modernise your business with digital technologies

With the increasing volume of exchanges and regulatory pressure, executing a business process from end-to-end in full compliance quickly becomes time-consuming and costly for operations and back-office departments. And that makes concentrating on your core business more difficult. The solution? Industrialise and outsource the management of your back office activities to expert digital platforms.

Tessi’s solutions allow you to comply with regulations while staying focused on your business objectives. With our wide range of offers, we tailor the outsourcing of your back office to suit your productivity needs. We also let you turn fixed costs into variables, whether by industrialising or digitising your document processing or by industrialising business processes.

Shared expertise and service centres guarantee you the best solutions. With total or partial delegated management, save time and focus on the tasks that add the most value.

Most offers Tessi

Cutting-edge operational expertise in support of back office performance
  • A partially or totally delegated offering depending on your strategy
  • Industrial services that comply with the regulations in your sector
  • Spread overheads, cope better with peaks in activity
  • Your experts are freed up to add value to their business

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