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Since 2014, the law has encouraged the use of electronic registered letters. This presents a definite advantage for companies, reducing their postage and consumable costs. Thanks to the efficient Tessi Post LRE solution, you can now send your registered letters in a few clicks with the same guarantees as a traditional registered letter. Save time and money on letter postage!

Our solution: Electronic registered letters

Track the processing of your electronic registered letters in real time

With the reliable Tessi Post LRE solution, you can send your registered letters easily in a 100% digital and secure way.

Our offer meets the latest regulatory requirements, notably those of Article 44 of the eIDAS Regulation (ANSSI) and Regulation of local Postal Code. By integrating electronic receipts, electronic signatures and electronic archival, Tessi Post LRE guarantees the integrity and full traceability of your electronic documents.

Another advantage over classic registered letters is that you can track the processing of your electronic registered letters in real time on your dedicated web portal.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A qualified dispatch in accordance with Article 44 of the eIDAS
  • Enhanced protection of your sent documents thanks to strong automatic initial identification of the sender and the recipient
  • The guarantee of an electronic archival with probative value on our servers whose data centres are ISO 9001 certified
  • Track receipt and acknowledgement of your electronic registered letter in real time in your monitoring portal
  • We accompany your clients in transitioning to electronic registered letters to make your exchanges smoother and save you time and money.


  • Get rid of your postage costs
  • Save time with our near-instant service
  • By sending electronic registered letters, your letters are better integrated into your company’s electronic document management

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