Digital invoice: Market challenges

By 2020, companies will no longer be permitted to refuse a digital invoice. Complying with this digital change in tax regulations is a piece of cake thanks to the Tessi INVOICE solution. Make your relationships with clients and suppliers smoother with digital invoices!

Our solution: Digitise your tax invoices

Make your life easier!

Tessi INVOICE is a software platform designed to manage your digital client and supplier tax invoices.

It captures or issues client invoices in the format set out in the tax code: EDI, Qualified Signed PDF or any other electronic format with an audit trail. Tessi INVOICE captures these invoices over multiple channels, checks for the regulatory information, the RGS** electronic signature and archives it for evidentiary value.

Tessi INVOICE is open and interoperable to integrate all of your invoice data into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). When combined with our time-saving subscription solutions upstream and our payment solutions downstream, Tessi INVOICE completely digitises your Procure to Pay suppliers and your Order to Cash clients.

You can easily customise and configure the Tessi INVOICE portal according to your individual needs, processes, and brand image. Stop wasting time searching for invoices or wondering how their processing is coming along.

All of the documents are centralised and tracked online.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A multichannel solution to digitise your tax invoices
  • Compliant processing and archival for tax digitisation
  • An efficient workflow and tracking system for your clients and suppliers alike
  • Interoperability with your ERP guaranteed
  • Connects with the Chorus platform for public sector digitisation
  • A 100% customisable white-label interface


  • Reduce your archival costs to near-zero
  • Save up to 70% on invoice processing costs
  • Get rid of paper invoices with tax digitisation
  • Save time in approving payments or invoices to be issued
  • Make it easier to switch to digital invoices for all of your client and supplier flows

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