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    Tessi Consulting & Integration in Switzerland Aster
    Business sector : Corporate information management solutions Business sector:  Solution for optimising meetings
    Location: Geneva and Zurich Location: Lyon
    Number of employees: 25 Number of employees: 15

    What was the issue for Tessi Consulting & Integration ?

    The weekly meetings needed to have a better framework and be better organised to ensure more accurate monitoring, particularly for the steering committee and the commercial review.

    And now with the Aster solution?

    Meetings are naturally structured, and actions are monitored and logged automatically from one meeting to another:

    • Consolidation, logging and monitoring of all the information related to the meetings in question;
    • Running and structuring the meeting with enlightened note taking, which transforms simple notes into categorised minutes;
    • Reminder of tasks and actions for participants before or during the meetings.

    Interview with Arnaud Vincent, Chief Operations Officer Switzerland


    “With Aster, our meetings are naturally structured” 

    Arnaud Vincent, Chief Operations Officer Switzerland


    Question 1 – What used to happen before you had the solution?

    When I arrived at Tessi Consulting & Integration, I wanted to put in place a regular steering committee for my team and I was trying to find a way to make it work well for all employees. During an event organised by Pépites Shaker, to introduce the solutions from the start-ups in the ecosystem, I discovered the Aster solution, whose message and the promise of efficiency and structuring immediately caught my interest.

    Question 2 – What benefits have you gained from the Aster solution?

    After 1 year of use, we have an operational tool that is entirely dedicated to conducting and monitoring our meetings, be they daily, weekly or monthly. Aster allows us to structure, centralise and facilitate note taking, and sharing information within our team. It’s a solution for managing meetings that helps us to save time.

    Question 3 – What is your feedback on experience from your collaboration with Aster?

    With my experience in different big corporate groups, like many of us, I have spent a few hours in meetings… So I was very interested in the solution offered by Aster.

    We worked with Aster in a co-construction approach. I told them about our vision of how the tool needed to be to best meet our needs. By looking at the different issues with meetings, we were able to pinpoint an under used aspect of the solution, the stage during the meeting as the ‘before’ and ‘after’ stages were already well finalised.

    The Aster team proved to be attentive and were able to react to make modifications and to complete the functions that we wanted to optimise.

    Question 4 – What’s next with Aster?

    Aster is now the benchmark tool for running our operational meetings. We want to expand the solution to as many users as possible so that the greatest number of our colleagues can benefit from it. We also aim to connect Aster to other in-house tools (Office 365) for greater coordination.

    In our case, there is part of the solution that we are not yet using sufficiently, and we want to remedy that to optimise still further the time we spend in meetings.

    We are planning to soon have training from the Aster team to share best practices for the whole solution.

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