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Don’t lose a single client to a poorly-designed subscription process. Tessi helps you implement effective multi-channel onboarding solutions for seamless digital processes. To comply with anti-fraud and anti-corruption regulations, put your customer data collection and checks (KYC) up front right at the start of the relationship.

Our onboarding and subscription solutions

Don’t lose a single client to a poorly-designed subscription process.

Take advantage of our expertise in capturing, analysing, processing and extracting documents to make your subscription processes more reliable. Our modular ONBOARDING by Tessi platform lets you digitise and secure your enrolment steps while improving the customer experience. The ability to collect documents over a variety of channels speeds up the subscription analysis via mobile, web portal or face-to-face relationships.

Instant checks that all received documents are admissible as well as automated compliance and consistence checks help you remove the risk of fraud from the very beginning. Checking the application’s conformity and completeness in the back office (which are visible for you) speeds up the start of the subscribed services.

For the most sensitive processes of financial institutions, we can also automatically score customer profiles according to their needs (opening an account, taking out a loan, opening a savings account, etc.) and connect it to our expert back office fraud teams.

Le groupement CGI, Tessi, Eliot est sélectionné par l’UGAP pour le marché d’assistance à la dématérialisation et d’archivage électronique.

Des solutions pour déployer un environnement digitalisé, agile et accessible centré sur l’amélioration de l’expérience usagers.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A multi-channel subscription platform: responsive web, mobile, paper
  • Face-matching technologies and embedded proof of life
  • Automated, industrial and centralised checks on many supporting documents
  • Querying external databases and repositories for pre-scoring client applications
  • Centralised application checks and flows in your CRM or back-office management tool


  • Your subscription processes are made smoother with digital technologies
  • Comply with your Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements at the start of the relationship
  • Increase back-office productivity
  • Enjoy optimal CRM integration
  • Reduce your processing costs by nearly 30%
  • Speed up service activations for better customer satisfaction

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    The purposes of Tessi’s processing are as follows: sending commercial information and/or notifications and/or requested documents, managing relationships with our customers and/or leads and/or partners, technical and/or commercial support; adding to/updating customer/lead databases, producing statistics, analyses and studies on Site traffic;
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