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Through actions such as reducing subscription and payment times and stepping up the fight against fraud, bankers and insurers must now, more than ever, control their clients’ risk profiles. That’s why your KYC (Know Your Customer) processes need special attention not only when you begin your relationships with your clients, but also during approvals. How can you improve this key step while keeping your costs under control? With our offer, you can outsource your KYC and anti-fraud processes while focusing on your core business.

Our KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-fraud solutions

Reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering or corruption

Our KYC and anti-fraud solutions combine a dedicated technology platform and a team of expert KYC analysts.

Thanks to this unique combination of human expertise and advanced technology, we document each step of your business relationships with your clients, be they individuals or companies, in accordance with current regulations.

The platform’s specificities include an exhaustive KYC check with automated extractions, proof of life, cross-referencing data, and configuring and verifying compliance corresponding to the client’s risk profile, guaranteeing that the information provided is checked at a high level.

With periodic reviews, checks of transactions, reports of suspicions, etc., according to your needs and organisation, our teams of KYC analysts provide tailored monitoring throughout the business relationship and reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering or corruption, whether on-site at your premises or here at Tessi.

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Solutions's strengths and benefits


  • You benefit from a unique combination of human expertise and technology
  • An end-to-end KYC and anti-fraud solution, from first contact to the business relationship
  • Advanced monitoring systems: companies, foreign accounts, PPP, etc.


  • Reduce processing costs by 30%
  • Automate your KYC remediation tasks
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and corruption
  • Ensure compliance with new AML/CFT requirements

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