Market challenges

Processing banking receipts represents a considerable financial challenge for major creditors. Similarly, reconciling invoice statuses and payments remains a time-consuming everyday process. Make it easier to manage your accounting documents and bank transactions by switching to “zero paper” and making sure your cash operations are compliant!

Our solution: Receipts processing and cash matching

You'll have a clear, long-term view of your customers’ accounts!

Tessi offers an outsourced, industrialised service to automate the collection, processing, and banking of all types of payment, including cheques, vouchers, interbank payment orders, wire transfers, direct debits, etc.

For complete processing, our cash matching solution automates the reconciliation of your receipts and invoices to directly update your information system.

Speed, security and compliance guaranteed !

You can see the current status of your payments and cash reconciliations on a daily basis and react quickly in case of anomaly.

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A complete and industrial service
  • A collaborative workflow for real-time visibility of your cases
  • Take advantage of the latest self-learning technologies: Machine Learning, AI, RPA
  • Easily integrate your flows to your information systems


  • 100% of receipts received and deposited the same day
  • Up to 95% of receipts matched
  • Optimise customer collection times
  • Speedy unpaid invoice management
  • 100% traceable and secure valuations
  • Better control over costs
  • Guaranteed-compliant cash transactions
  • Better management of resources and activity peaks

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    The purposes of Tessi’s processing are as follows: sending commercial information and/or notifications and/or requested documents, managing relationships with our customers and/or leads and/or partners, technical and/or commercial support; adding to/updating customer/lead databases, producing statistics, analyses and studies on Site traffic;
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