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For a digital document, an electronic timestamp provides a reliable date affixed to a file that guarantees its integrity. Not only does it timestamp the file to the nearest second, but it ensures that its contents have not changed.

For example, a timestamp is used to date an electronic signature, verify the time a digital document was received, certify banking transactions, or affix an issue date to an invoice.

Certified timestamps increase the security of your digital and electronic signatures and codes by affixing an irrefutable date and time to the respective document.

Our solution: Electronic timestamping

It's practical and saves money!

You can buy batches of timestamp tokens online at and give your documents irrefutable legal value.

In accordance with the NFZ42 standard, your digital documents must be signed and timestamped. This way, they have the same legal value as paper documents.

How does timestamping work?

It’s practical and saves money! Enter your login credentials into your application. The link to our servers is automatically created, and your documents are timestamped.

  • Create an account and log in
  • Buy a pack of timestamp tokens
  • Set up access to the timestamp service

Our solution's strengths and benefits


  • Compatible with the RFC 3161 standard
  • Certified compliant with eIDAS regulations
  • Certified compliant with the ETSI EN 319 421 standard


  • Easy-to-use web service solutions
  • Timestamp tokens valid for one year
  • Stronger electronic signature security with certified timestamps
  • A reliable copy and legal value for your scanned documents
  • A solution compatible with all types of applications

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