Sector challenges

Put the customer at the heart of your marketing strategies

The digital revolution is changing customers’ behaviour and the relationship they want to have with you. They are always connected and know that competitors are just a click away.  Their reviews are read, listened to and shared, and impact your sales and brand image. The challenge is in how to put the customer at the heart of your marketing strategies and to personalise this ever-closer relationship.

Often, the first challenge is to know your customer: controlling and organising customer data in the company is often hindered by the typical company silos.

You need advice, support, and technology to organise your customer data and obtain a single customer vision.

The second challenge is to manage the customer experience and relationship comprehensively. You must offer your customers a seamless on- and offline experience with a perfect experience at each point of contact to satisfy your customers and make them ambassadors.

You also need to develop and activate customer-centric marketing strategies and campaigns. Of course, these campaigns must be innovative, data-driven, and profitable!

To help you take on all these challenges and really put the customer at the heart of your business, Tessi offers you a 100%-integrated marketing and customer relationship approach: from strategic consulting to technologies and operational rollout.

Our consulting and design teams will help you build a customer-centric, data-driven, creative marketing strategy for all your points of contact. Our technologies, infrastructure and delivery teams enable you to manage all your customer campaigns and interactions, whatever the channel. Shopper activation, CRM programmes, lead management: discover our innovative, effective, and truly customer-centric marketing solutions.

The advantages of Tessi solutions

A single partner to devise and implement your customer marketing strategy: this changes everything
  • A customer marketing strategy, with a direct influence on the purchase behaviour of your customers and leads.
  • A data-driven, customer-centric vision
  • A 100% integrated offering: consulting, design, solutions and technologies, campaign management
  • The best-performing promotion management platform on the market