Market challenges

All industries are undergoing rapid and profound changes, including new modes of consumption, changing purchasing patterns and new entrants. Nowadays, customers are ultra-connected and better informed, which is why the are also more demanding and influential than ever!

All these phenomena are requiring companies to invent a new relationship model that promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The customer experience becomes a strategic priority and acts as a powerful lever for profitability and corporate performance.

Our solution: Improve your customer services

To optimise the general customer experience

Tessi offers to create a positive, innovative and distinctive customer experience at all key points of your customer journey: before, during, and after the act of purchase, regardless of the channel you use.

Our approach is pragmatic and personalised which allows us to respond to your challenges with efficient, innovative and value-creating solutions.

In our people-friendly contact centres, we have involved, loyal and committed teams who deliver quality services across all communication channels (phone, email, chat, click to chat, call back, etc.)

To optimise the general customer experience and corresponding contacts, we offer you a unique combination of human expertise and technology. We use bots for their availability and responsiveness and combine them with humans for their ability to analyse, think, relate, and empathise.

Solutions's strengths and benefits


  • Our contact centres in France are all ISO 9001 and ISO 18295-1 certified, and our centres in Spain are ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 certified, which guarantees you a high level of service and proven know-how.
  • Proven technological innovations: chatbot, voice bot, data analysis,RPA, machine learning, etc.
  • Tessi Academy, an accredited training organisation which builds interactive, futureproof initial and continuous training courses that use a variety of teaching formats: face-to-face, e-learning, virtual classroom, mobile learning, gamification, etc.
  • A support strategy based on transparency, continuous improvement and proactivity
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction at the end of each contact to receive real-time customer feedback


  • The experience you offer your customers becomes a means of standing out and staying ahead of the competition
  • You improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand
  • We manage feedback, and you get customer feedback in real time

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