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More than ever, fake documents and counterfeits are appearing and spreading to the products we all use in our daily lives. With the internet, the phenomenon has only been growing. To fight against fraud or counterfeit products or documents, new digital systems such as Visible Digital Seals (VDS) like 2D-Origin are innovative solutions which offer a new way to protect yourself from forged documents and counterfeits.

Now, with 2D-Origin, you can easily verify the authenticity and integrity of invoices, pay slips, proof of address, diplomas, business cards, bank details, etc. With digital signatures, these secure QR codes constitute legal proof of the information present on the product (packaging) or the document on which it is printed.

Discover the 2D-Origin visible digital seal: the code that fights fraud !

Our solution: Document security

Make sure your documents and products are true and authentic

Make sure your documents and products are true and authentic thanks to Tessi’s 2D-Origin solution.

Directly affixed to the document as soon as it is produced or edited, the Visible Digital Seal (VDS) or secure QR code guarantees the origin and integrity of sensitive data in a document or product, be it digital or paper. Confidential data can easily be verified by a third party using the 2Dorigin mobile application on a tablet or smartphone to read the VDS.

Tessi’s 2D-Origin solution helps to provide strong identification and authentication of your official documents.

Any document fraud or attempt to falsify your digital or printed documents will automatically be detected !

The solution's strengths and benefits


  • Powerful encryption technologies to secure information stored with a 2D-Origin electronic signature.
  • Thanks to the electronic signature, the 2D-Origin code constitutes legal proof of the information present on the document on which it is printed.
  • The codes include tools to verify the integrity of the given information and to guarantee the exact date on which the code was generated.
  • A solution certified by the authorities and the French Ministry of the Interior
  • Any falsification (or attempt at falsification) is automatically detected with the free 2DOrigin mobile application.
  • In a few seconds, the user knows if the document is authentic or counterfeit.


  • Get an effective solution to fight document fraud with 2D-Origin: A certified Visible Digital Seal (VDS).
  • Certify the legal authenticity of your products and digital or printed documents.
  • You can be sure your information is unaltered.
  • Scan and check!
  • Trust a certified third party

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