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Control your risks and make sure your processes are compliant

The digitisation of document flows and the gradual emergence of digital trust are great opportunities to improve your organisations’ productivity. But changes to French and European regulatory environments, from GDPR to eIDAS, require your full attention when implementing new business processes. At the same time, you need to be able to secure the customer journey, fight fraud, and eliminate the risk of fines.

From KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to legal electronic archival via digital identities, Tessi offers a range of tools and services that are certified or compliant with current standards so that your business processes are compliant and can be outsourced.

With Tessi, modernise your digital exchanges, comply with regulations and keep your costs and risks under control.

Most offers Tessi

A trusted partner for the compliance of your operations
  • Cutting-edge expertise for your KYC and anti-fraud initiatives
  • Digital trust solutions complying with the eIDAS regulation
  • Outsourced services complying with your regulatory requirements, including GDPR
  • Highly secure, ISO 27001-certified hosting infrastructures

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