Market challenges

With the rise of digital technologies, changes of data protection regulations (GDPR) and an increase in cyber risks, securing transactions, protecting identities and guaranteeing the authenticity of information exchanges is becoming more and more important.

Our CERTIGNA RGS- and eIDAS-certified range of digital identities will protect your own and your business identity. Identify yourself and sign your electronic exchanges digitally and securely to give them legal value.

Our solution: Digital identity

Identify yourself and sign your electronic exchanges digitally

The CERTIGNA ID range of digital certificates is intended for individuals who work for businesses, local authorities, or associations.

It includes three RGS/eIDAS Authentication/Signature certificates and one RGS encryption certificate.

The Authentication/Signature certificates are digital ID cards for individuals and businesses.

Our CERTIGNA range of digital ID certificates allows you to:

  • Prove your identity and digitally sign documents and emails as an individual
  • Certify emails to confirm their authenticity.
  • Prove your digital identity and digitally sign as a company: Server seals

Our digital certificates are recognised by ANSSI (French National Agency for Security Information Systems) and RGS (General Security Regulations) and certified by eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) certified.

We offer different levels of security for your digital identity.


The solution's strengths and benefits


  • A digital certificate of authenticity and electronic signature as software or on a smart card.
  • ETSI, eIDAS and RGS certified in versions *, ** and ***.
  • Works on tablets and smartphones.
  • Renewable subscriptions from 1 to 5 years.


  • You prove your identity in a secure way online.
  • You send certified emails, and your recipients are reassured.
  • Your emails can be encrypted for increased privacy.
  • Access your digital ID card with our CERTIGNA ID digital certificates
  • Secure your exchanges and digital transactions
  • Move towards digital identity, electronic signatures and zero paper

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