Sector challenges

Solutions to meet all your back office management needs

Managing big data, rapid growth of cloud computing architectures, mobility considerations, new security requirements: these all are sensitive issues for IT directors to handle! To say nothing of the need to supply agile, innovative responses to the company’s departments while keeping costs under control.

Use Tessi’s know-how as a publisher, integrator, and host to consolidate your role as a key partner within your organisation. With on-demand user interfaces, mobile and digital applications, fast customisable platforms, secure hosting in France and Europe, SaaS and on-site solutions, Tessi can supply a wide range of tools and services to enable you to face the digital transformation of your information system with total peace of mind.

Our teams are here to help guide you on issues of governance and data security and identify the right strategies for your business and your sector’s challenges. Choose a digital transformation that is 100% secure and under control.

Most offers Tessi

Open, secure technologies for your data management
  • An extensive range of solutions available in hosted or on-premises mode
  • Configurable platforms accessible in API mode
  • European cloud computing infrastructures for total data security
  • Varied project support and management services: project management assistance, third-party maintenance

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