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Tessi Group: more than 50 years of history

Throughout its history, Tessi has achieved successful step-by-step expansion, acquiring decisive assets to accelerate its growth. It has one sole aim: to benefit its customers and its employees.
20 22

Acquisition of VILT, ECM – CCM specialist

Launch of the Tessi Digital Factory

Nomination of Emmanuelle Ertel
Chief Executive Officer Tessi Innovation & Trust

20 21

Exit from the stock exchange

Nomination of Céline Savoy
Group CSR Manager

Acquisition of a majority stake in Proformation, occupational training specialist

Nomination of Emmanuelle Ertel
Deputy Managing Director of Communication & Digital Innovation

Nomination of Cécile Devin
Deputy Managing Director in charge of marketing, sales and pre-sales and Director of the customer marketing division

20 20

Pandemic COVID-19

Sale of Spanish activities on 31/12/2020

20 19

Acquisition of ADM Value, Customer Relationship Specialist

Nomination of Jean-Luc Vecchio
Chief Executive Officer Tessi Consulting & Integration Division and Tessi Switzerland

Acquisition of Orone France, publisher of flow processing software (cheques) and scanner distributor

Launch of Tessi’s unique brand

Nomination of Virginie Degeorgis
Chief Executive Officer Tessi France

Nomination of Christos Yannicopoulos
Chief Executive Officer Tessi Iberia

Nomination of Dominique Trichard
Chief Executive Officer Tessi Assurances Owliance France

20 18

Pépites Shaker, a start-up accelerator programme, launched.

Acquisition of Owliance Group, market leader in outsourced health and personal protection insurance policy administration

Sale of CPoR Devises



20 17

Pixel Holding acquires the Rebouah family’s majority shareholding in the capital of Tessi SA

Dhimyotis, a major cybersecurity player, acquired

The Tessi Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Automation (Centre d’Excellence Tessi en Intelligent Automation – CETIA) launched.



20 16

100 % shareholding acquired in the Swiss company RR Donnelley Document Solutions Switzerland and its Austrian subsidiary

100 % shareholding acquired in BPO Solutions, based in Spain. Additional shares acquired in ISEM

100 % shareholding acquired in IMDEA Asesores, based in Spain.



20 15

Acquisition of the Spanish company, Near Perfection

Acquisition of Promotion Marketing Communication (PMC), a consulting firm specialising in BOGO (Buy One Get One)

Acquisition of an 87.4% interest in the Spanish BPO specialist, Diagonal Company, and its subsidiaries; this company ranks 2nd for mortgageloan processing in Spain, Portugal and Chile



20 14

Tessi securities eligible for SME personal equity plan

Tessi acquires Spanish based Graddo Grupo Corporativo S.L., one of the leading BPO providers in Spain, particularly in the banking sector

Tessi acquires Swissbased Gdoc, a document management specialist.



20 12

Tessi marketing services closes its B-to-B logistics business

20 11

Tessi boosts its document automation capabilities by acquiring Logidoc- Solutions, a software developer specialising in managing outbound correspondence

Tessi shares are listed on Euronext Paris compartment B from 24 January 2011

Tessi signs the United Nations Global Compact as a natural follow-on to its social and environmental responsibility commitments.



20 10

CPoR acquires Goffin Bank’s manual currency exchange business

Tessi and Imprimerie Nationale group join forces in the field of automation, founding Sakarah, 80%-held by Tessi

Télédirect changes its name to Tessi Contact Center

SDI changes its name to Tessi Editique



20 09

SFDD and Médipost change their name to Tessi Marketing Services

CPR Billets changes its name to CPoR Devises

C2I changes its name to Tessi Technologies

A new company is created to process all types of bank card payments

20 08

Tessi reorganises its range of services and launches a new graphical identity

Tessi acquires 49% of ISEM

20 07

Tessi acquires the marketing services, EDM and online declaration portal businesses of CEGEDIM

Tessi acquires the marketing services, EDM and online declaration portal businesses of CEGEDIM



20 06

CSB, a payment systems company, is acquired

20 05

Tessi takes a majority stake in C2I, a payment systems business

Tessi acquires Tigre Informatique, active in document management and payment systems

Payment systems company STMP is acquired

Tessi acquires 80% of CPR Billets, a manual currency exchange and gold business



20 04

Accès Informatique, a document management company, is acquired

20 03

A cheque processing site is created in Bordeaux

CETIP Encaissement, a remittance processing business, is acquired



20 02

Prima Informatique is acquired, bolstering the consulting business

19 97


SFDD, French leader in the management of promotional marketing campaigns, is acquired

Marketing Services business is launched



19 91

Cheque processing business is launched with the founding of Cirec (at the outset, Tessi holds 20% of the shares)

19 85

Cheque encoding activity is launched (amount input and cheque adjustment for banking applications)

19 79

Acquisition de l’entreprise
par Marc Rebouah

19 71

Création de TESSI et lancement de l’activité saisie de données

"Led by a new management team, Tessi is a Group that is going places and continues to grow. It constantly seeks to strengthen its position in its markets and to retain its vital edge over its competitors"

Vincent Ménez - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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