E-learning challenges

Our ever-changing economy requires fast learning and agility. To stay in the lead and keep your best talents, you need to improve your employees’ skills quickly. How can you keep them engaged in the essential continuous learning process? The flexibility of e-learning technologies and their ease of use is the most effective solution for keeping your organisation running at its best.

Our E-learning platform Moodle

Our platform is GDPR by design.

Tessi’s role is to make it as easy as possible to install and set up an online learning platform that fits your training needs.

For the past fifteen years, we have shared our expertise with regard to the Moodle e-learning platform. This complete, open-source tool makes it very easy to create training courses and learning modules thanks to a wide range of integrated tools.

Its rich plugin market gives you complete freedom to customise lessons and provide a personalized e-learning platform. With Moodle, our goal is to offer an integrated, effective and easy-to-handle solution.

Strengths and benefits
of E-learning solution


  • We are true Moodle experts, among the first in Europe to have obtained the “Moodle Teacher” certificate
  • With its wide range of plugins, Moodle is the most comprehensive and flexible online learning platform on the market
  • The high-powered cloud that houses our e-learning platforms is reliable, secure and fast
  • We provide continuous customer support throughout the e-learning training course from setting up the platform to the online courses themselves


  • Encourage fast skills development amongst employees
  • Don’t waste energy on setting up and installing the e-learning platform
  • Enjoy an online learning solution that can be completely customised to fit your image
  • Improve employee engagement with an innovative, fun training process
  • Lower your employees’ travel costs: they can e-learn wherever and whenever they want

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