Sector challenges

L’immobilier s’apprête à faire sa révolution et il est probable que le secteur évolue plus rapidement dans les dix prochaines années qu’il ne l’a fait dans les trente dernières. La clé est désormais de digitaliser ce qui est le plus pertinent en pensant aux usages et en apportant de la valeur ajoutée aux utilisateurs-locataires.

Streamline your processes and make transactions smoother

Today, real estate players face two major constraints. First, the need to manage colossal document flows that are still largely based on paper. Second, the requirement to comply with strict regulations in terms of delivery times that are necessary for the related management actions to be carried out.

Digital transformation is the best way of rising to these challenges, saving time, reducing costs and making relationships smoother.

With our electronic signature, online contract and digital registered letter services, Tessi is here to simplify most of your management processes.

Tessi offers public housing authorities, co-owners associations, social housing offices, and real estate agencies and developers trustworthy platforms and innovative services for managing all your interactions with customers.

Most offers Tessi

Digitalisation and digital trust at the heart of your transactions
  • A comprehensive platform for the digitalisation of your agent/solicitor/customer documents
  • Digitalisation solutions suited to the specific needs of letting agents and property managers
  • Transactions underpinned by electronic signature and archiving with probative value
  • A comprehensive marketing and customer relationship offering: consulting, solutions and technology, contact centre and campaign management

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