Accelerating the digital transformation of your company with a Human Interactive approach

Tessi Innovation & Trust is Tessi’s Digital Factory. It combines all of the Group’s technological expertise, digital assets and R&D resources.

With a specific focus on optimising the customer journey through data, automation and innovation, Tessi Innovation & Trust aims to develop groundbreaking 100% digital products , which enable you to offer Human Interactive experiences to your own customers, throughout their whole journey.

Thanks to Tessi’s Digital Factory, you can quickly offer user-friendly interaction online that is simple, accessible and inclusive.


Human interactive Guide n°2

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“When we talk about a user, we dehumanise the person using the systems... The Human Interactive philosophy at the Digital Factory means systematically focussing on the human aspect!”

Emmanuelle Ertel - General Manager, Tessi Innovation & Trust

ertel emmanuelle

Choose responsible digital technology

Opt for a more human and yet more technological user experience

All the potential of Tech, combined with Tessi’s historical know-how

Together, we can create a new user experience that is ultra-technological and ultra-ergonomic.

Thanks to the unique alliance of technology and the Group’s well-established expertise with regard to the customer journey, Tessi Innovation & Trust offers you an ever more innovative and human user experience.

Transforming uses with intuitive technology

A Human Interactive approach

Reinvent and improve your offerings by focussing your solutions on the end customer.
Through Human Interactive technologies, Tessi Innovation & Trust guides you in automating business processes natively. Our Digital Factory builds on experience from in the field and always applies a pragmatic approach.

Prepare tomorrow’s solutions

Co-constructing solutions for a 360° customer vision

By working with our start-ups accelerator the Pépites Shaker, Tessi Innovation & Trust can count on its portfolio of solutions and its technological platform to create the solutions of the future.

Take part in co-construction workshops with Tessi’s innovation ecosystem to prepare technological solutions with a 360° vision of the environment and the end customer’s needs.

Impact and Commitment

Tessi places great importance on reconciling technological development and economic growth with the social, societal and environmental impact of our activities.

Our commitments are set out in a demanding, strategic CSR roadmap.

For more than 10 years, Tessi has supported the Global Compact France and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
Our data protection and digital trust systems allow us to contribute, at our level, to preventing fraud and corruption; a commitment that is inscribed in the Ethics Code in the Group’s Internal Regulations.
Tessi implements an ambitious inclusive policy to ensure the diversity of talents, equal opportunities and gender equality at every level of its organisation.

Our Digital Factory also subscribes to all of these commitments.
Tessi Innovation & Trust develops ever more ethical and environmentally friendly solutions, which adhere to best practices in responsible digital technology.

Tessi Innovation & Trust’s professional expertise

Tessi Innovation & Trust is a software publisher, integrator and accelerator that is entirely dedicated to using data and innovation to improve the customer journey.

A software publisher in 5 core markets

  1. Digitising documentary processes: electronic archiving and document management
  2. Digitising business processes (BPM / Case Management)
  3. Automating processes (Orchestration):all-purpose solutions (OnCustomer) and sectoral options (Digital Banking, Digital Care)
  4. Front office and customer service (Front)
  5. Public Key Infrastructures (PKI): making websites secure, encryption keys, electronic signatures and time stamping.


Tessi Innovation & Trust contributes to improving the processes for installing the tools and software published by Tessi, alongside our clients’ IT teams. Tessi Innovation & Trust improves the assistance offered to users when deploying software solutions by customising their functions to meet the needs and expectations of the end customers. We also integrate third-party technologies from the GAMAM companies, in open data as well as the technologies drawn from the 84 start-ups in our ecosystem.

A European start-ups accelerator

Tessi Innovation & Trust is accelerating the development and supporting 84 start-ups in developing agile and innovative solutions.
This programme makes it possible to add to Tessi’s offerings around six major themes:

  • Big Data
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Making machines understand human language
  • Open Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Green Impact

Key figures for the Digital Factory

  • 2.3

    petabytes of data stored in Tessi’s private cloud

  • + 2.000

    clients (Banks, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, etc.)

  • 6

    data centres in Europe

  • + 330.000

    websites protected by cybersecurity solutions

  • 170

    million Digital Covid Certificates (DCC) issued – Holder of the contract with the APHP

  • + 25

    million electronic signature transactions managed and encrypted

Tessi Innovation & Trust in video

tessi innovation and trust en vignette
Tessi - Innovation & Trust's Digital Factory
Tessi Innovation & Trust - Tessi's Digital Factory
Presentation of the Digital Factory by Tessi
About Tessi Innovation & Trust
Emmanuelle Ertel, General Manager of Tessi Innovation & Trust: launch of the Digital Factory on BFM Business, 30 March 2022
Launch of the Tessi Digital Factory, Innovation & Trust: the event
Launch of the Tessi Digital Factory, Innovation & Trust: Emmanuelle Ertel
Launch of the Tessi Digital Factory, Innovation & Trust: Françoise Mercadal Delasalles
Launch of the Tessi Digital Factory, Innovation & Trust: Bonnie Ravina
Launch of Tessi's Digital Factory, Innovation & Trust: Backstage

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