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The consumer product sector is seeing great changes. While marginal until just recently, e-commerce for food products is growing, and the hypermarket model is looking for a second wind. Attracting customers looking for quality and meaning is at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Consumers are aware of the importance of good food, and are using technology to guide their purchases, particularly through product information apps that are witnessing growing success.

In a low-growth global food processing industry, brands need to innovate and invent new ways to promote their products while new regulations are being introduced to regulate promotional practices.

As a historical partner for major consumer brands, we help our clients reinvent their shopper marketing strategies.

We design new activation models that are more creative, more personal and less price-centric, and add more value. These activations build a better relationship between brands and their customers.

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A new vision of shopper activation
  • A comprehensive customer marketing offering: consulting, solutions and technology, campaign management
  • Innovative shopper activations generating real impact on sales
  • A shopper approach based on purchase behaviour segmentation
  • Campaigns that have won numerous awards (Customer marketing agency of the year, TOP-COM, etc.)
  • The best-performing digital promotion management platform on the market

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