Sector challenges

Speed up the digitisation of public service and modernise relationships with citizens

The government is persevering in its goal to modernise public services: Cap 2022, withholding tax, regulatory changes, identity and digital trust… All these initiatives are based on digital technologies and aim to speed up user journeys, improve relations with citizens and increase efficiency.

For this reason, government administration and local authorities need to adjust their management processes and open new pathways to serve users: digitisation of civil servant files, patient procedures, modernisation of the justice system, secure aid and subsidy procedures, invoices and electronic payment.

The result: simpler, more secure management of exchanges!

To achieve this, Tessi provides a wide range of solutions that comply with legislative provisions and secure flow management processes throughout the country. Finally, offer citizens and businesses a faster, more secure 100%-digital relationship! Give yourself the edge, and make the switch to digital technologies with total peace of mind.

Most offers Tessi

Outsourcing and technologies in support of the State’s digital transition
  • A comprehensive offering for the digitisation of public institutions’ information flows (employees’ individual records, public archives, requests for social housing, etc.)
  • Certified technologies to establish digital trust in government services
  • Optimised services and journeys to personalise the citizen relationship
  • An electronic invoicing and payment platform interfaced with Chorus.

Our technologies