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Score points and modernise your customer relations

Today, consumers are more aware, mobile, digital, and demanding. They want to be recognised and speak with a single point of contact throughout their relationship with their telecoms and energy providers.

How can you create and smooth out an innovative, omnichannel customer journey to make customers’ lives easier in managing their service? How can you integrate new automation technologies to optimise your front and back office?

To achieve this, Tessi helps you optimise your processes with global front-to-back approaches to your customer relationships. We integrate new tools such as voice and chatbots and outsourcing customer relationships with personalised customer support throughout their contract.

The result is more modern points of contact, faster subscriptions, shorter customer journeys and easier access to services! When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, put the odds on your side.

Most offers Tessi

Trust and digital technology built into your offerings for an augmented customer relationship
  • Multichannel onboarding solutions to accelerate your subscriber journeys
  • Innovations and a contact centre for a personalised customer relationship
  • Trusted onboarding services including legal archiving of information flows
  • A comprehensive marketing and customer relationship offering: consulting, solutions and technology, contact centre and campaign management
  • A marketing CRM offering to recruit new customers and make your existing customers your most effective ambassadors

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