It's everything you need for a podium place in client interaction!

The race for differentiation has begun!

To reach (or stay on) the podium, you need a major way to stand out: your ability to have ever-more relevant conversations with your clients on all of their channels of communication.

This implies mastering increasingly advanced technologies that are able to handle a growing volume of data, tending towards instantaneousness and ultimate customisation, i.e. contextual and 1-to-1.

Our consulting and integration offerings make your transformation speedier and easier by giving you strategies and tools to make each stage a success. As ultra-specialists in your business processes and data processing, we can quickly call up the right resources to work on your project.

These resources can be assigned to your site or called on in our CSP (European Shared Services Centre). And thanks to our combined expertise in technology and content marketing, we implement the best solutions to produce and distribute your messages, be they published by Tessi or another world-leading publisher.

"Digital transformation entails choices that go beyond tools. Every day, our consultants guide the business divisions as they determine their goals, choose and configure their solutions, upgrade organisational structures and train users"

Jean-Luc Vecchio - CEO Consulting and Integration