Market challenges

Financing through mortgages has become more complex in the last ten years. For banks, the arrival of new products has added to a process that is already complex in itself in terms of mortgage management and the human capital mobilised. At a time when pure banking agents are competing in the mortgage market, improve productivity and save time and money by outsourcing tasks and processes and automating and implementing technology in credit services.

Our mortgage management solution

processes mortgages every year

Receive support during the various stages of a mortgage application.

Before signing, the Tessi teams prepare all the legal documentation. At the time of signature, we are physically present in the notary’s office if requested. Finally, after signature, our technological solutions automatically manage the sending of necessary documents, the compulsory registrations, the payment of duties, correct entry in the register, etc.

This digital is used to automate the securitisation of mortgages, and facilitates the management of asset classes, so that quality level inspections and audits can be set up, in order to provide a service at the levels of excellence requested by our clients, and an END TO END process.

Solutions's advantages and benefits


  • Work with real mortgage experts: we are one of the leading mortgage management companies in southern Europe (no. 2 in Spain and Portugal)
  • Processing all types of mortgage products and services
  • We also take on management of the related documents (land registry, payment of capital gains taxes, etc.)
  • Tessi processes almost 160,000 mortgages every year


  •  Travaillez avec des experts en immobilier hypothécaire : nous sommes l’un des leaders de la gestion hypothécaire en Europe du Sud (no 2 en Espagne et au Portugal)
  • Nous prenons en charge tous les types de produits et services hypothécaires

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