Sector challenges

Modernise patient journeys and optimise patient record management

The French healthcare sector is undergoing a transformation with the merger of the Groupes Hospitaliers Territoriaux (local hospital trusts), and the modernisation of SESAM-VITALE (healthcare smart card) processes. For public and private institutions alike, modernising the management of admission journeys and patient treatment is a major focus in order to reduce costs and improve service quality.

The digitalisation of patient records and journeys demands a trusted partner authorised to collect and manage sensitive data and provide smooth, secure processes, from admission through to payment.

To help you modernise your procedures and deliver a better service to patients, Tessi provides you with digital platforms and a package of secure industrial services. As an official Healthcare data host, we offer 100% security for the management of your information flows and patient journeys.

Most offers Tessi

A trusted e-healthcare partner
  • Digitalisation of patient and policyholder journeys
  • Trusted solutions for secure sharing of the digital healthcare space
  • Multichannel solutions in support of a personalised patient relationship
  • Officially approved Healthcare Data Host archiving solutions

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