Sector challenges

Making every interaction a success

Satisfying your customers and making them ambassadors: it’s a simple idea on paper, but a real challenge in everyday life.

In the midst of the digital revolution, customer expectations of brands have never been higher, and their loyalty has never been more fragile. The largest tech companies have set the standard for customer experience, and the standard of quality, customisation, and responsiveness continue to grow.

This means that standing out from your competition through the quality of your customer relationships becomes both difficult and essential.

The secrets of a good customer relationship are widely known: a smooth user experience, quality and consistent customer interactions on all channels, personalised conversations, fine analysis of data. But making sure your contacts with consumers are at their best everyday requires the expertise of specialists, resources, and technologies.

Of course, optimising your customer relationship and building loyalty is a great way to drive business, but you also need access to valuable data to better understand your customers and how their feelings towards the company evolve.

That’s why Tessi can outsource all of part of your customer relations chain, from the front to the back office. We build a consistent customer experience for you while optimising costs. For example, our teams can manage your brand’s e-reputation and influencer communities or provide an effective customer service that integrates with your CRM.

Since innovation is at the heart of our strategy, we give you the means to anticipate new communication methods and respond to new customer habits. Create value through your customer interactions management, and stand out from the competition!

Most offers Tessi

Advice and solutions to optimise your customer experience management
  • Modern contact centres for a 360° vision of customer interactions
  • Contact centre operators specialising in your business
  • Innovative technologies for enhanced accessibility and customer relations
  • Complementary marketing expertise: campaign management, customer journey design and customer knowledge