Become more efficient

With Pépites Shaker, our programme that is designed to accelerate and safeguard the innovation process.
Realistic, concrete and business-minded: it is designed to help you to think your innovations through and increase their impact.
In an economic context where ideas and how quickly they are developed are essential factors, in your business lines where technological prospection and mastery are vital, you have to aim true.

Pépites Shaker: innovation with added pragmatism

Tessi has designed this multifaceted offering to adjust to the maturity of your issue. It is based on a bespoke connection between companies and startups. We identify the subject with you, we find the appropriate startups, and we position ourselves as a catalyst for this co-construction.

A major added value for our whole ecosystem

  • The companies that work with us benefit from a new perspective: they enjoy our bespoke guidance, which is adapted to the progress of their issues. This allows them to take a step back and adopt a forward looking approach with their teams. The startups with which we form partnerships offer them an innovative approach to technology and user experience. It offers a guarantee that their innovation projects will bear fruit.
  • The startups we identify have the opportunity to talk about and work on concrete solutions with us and with our corporate clients. They can move faster and aim to go further with their projects.
  • The co-construction with our selected startups feeds into our own R&D, working with Tessi LAB and CETIA – Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Automation. This collaboration also involves our experts in different business lines (customer relations, insurance, banking, payment, health, etc.) and also allows us to create solutions for our clients, in the short term.

An offering that is available in several formats to adapt to your issues

1. Do you need to refine your innovation challenges or do you need a fresh take on your products or services?
Save time with:

THE BRIEFING: have you already identified the solutions that need to be found? We will come and meet you to understand and challenge your expectations. The aim is then to find you the right startup to take you forward.

AND THE WORKSHOP: do you need to look at the big picture? Offer yourself half a day with an expert in designing services and a member of the Pépites Shaker. With a dozen of your colleagues, explore your innovation issues to make real world progress.

2. Would you like to work with a startup but you do not have the time to find the right one amongst the 10,000 that there are in France?
Use our STARTUPS SOURCING solution

Innovation is central to our professions and we know the strengths of co-construction. We have therefore developed a method for selecting the startups that we work with. Our STARTUPS SOURCING offering is based on this expertise. We identify 3 to 5 qualified startups for you: 2 to 4 that are 100% in the target field, and 1 “show stopper” startup to enhance the “thinking outside the box” approach.

3. Do you need to train your teams and build a culture based on innovation and its challenges, and new technological solutions?
We can offer you two formats of event:

An expert in the most disruptive subjects talks with your teams to sharpen your vision of the future. A unique opportunity to challenge your ideas and to clarify your issues.

Constructive pitches to meet your need to change your corporate culture. Give your teams the opportunity to talk to experts and startups that are specialists in their subjects. With round tables and fun activities that are designed and coordinated by a member of the Pépites Shaker: everything is conceived to encourage dialogue and share knowledge.
Due to the health crisis, these two event based formats are available online!

What people say

« The Pépites Shaker programme shakes up certitudes: in the very short term, it helps us to enrich solutions and therefore to stimulate innovation for our clients; in the medium term, it helps us to identify risks and opportunities that may transform some of our base business lines. »

Jean-Luc Vecchio, CEO of the Tessi Consulting & Integration subsidiary.


« Access to regular events boosts our visibility and generates commercial opportunities. We particularly took part in the Tessi Showcase, where we presented our technology to more than fifty professionals from the world of insurance. And we get privileged access to Tessi’s teams to work together on business opportunities. »

Alexandre Courbin, Marketing Manager of the startup Calldesk


« We organised two successive innovation events with Pépites Shaker. After the extremely positive feedback from employees from the first event, we decided to repeat the experience on the theme of new means of payment for everybody in the department and professional guests. This dynamic, hard-hitting and inspiring time helped to break us out of our routine, to get a fresh vision and to adopt a forward thinking approach towards the solutions of the future that will make a difference for our clients. »

Philippe Gillet, Head of the Flows Branch Department France, BNP Paribas.


Discover Pépites Shaker with Emmanuelle Ertel, Tessi’s Corporate Communication and Digital Innovation Strategy Director.


Pépites Shaker Plateform

For anchoring collective intelligence in time.
It brings together concrete examples and content that relates to your specific issues: presenting the start-ups, sharing data and contributing on key subjects.
It helps to build bonds between participants in our ecosystem.


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