Tessi bases its development on a set of values and principles upheld by its managers and employees and asserts its commitment to environmental and social responsibility across all its business lines.

To formalise its commitments, Tessi has drawn up a sustainable development charter that all employees can refer to and comply with in all circumstances.

These principles are naturally not exhaustive. Rather, they provide a useful frame of reference for employees and all of Tessi’s partners.

The main principles of Tessi’s sustainable development charter

  • Respond to customer needs and expectations by offering customised services based on dialogue, high-quality advice and expertise.
  • Eliminate or minimise, as far as possible, environmentally harmful waste.
  • Step up awareness among our staff on the environment and preserving natural resources.
  • Preserve confidentiality of all data with which we are entrusted. All employees shall refrain from using information or assets to which they have access in the course of their work.
  • Obliterate all forms of corruption.
  • Nurture relationships based on longstanding trust with shareholders, customers and suppliers, by demonstrating integrity, loyalty and transparency in our communication.
  • Support international work standards and ensure that fundamental human rights are respected in the workplace.
  • Identify skills development and promotional opportunities for employees throughout their professional lives.
  • Benefit from a safe working environment that adheres to workplace health and safety regulations.
  • Lead the fight against discrimination to ensure equal opportunity and promote diversity.
  • Encourage our partners, subcontractors and suppliers to espouse our values and help us achieve our sustainable development objectives.