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    1. How long have Meetic and Tessi been working together?

    The partnership between Meetic / ADM Value by Tessi began in 2012. And it has grown over the years. Firstly, taking Customer Service calls in France, then handling emails. Since 2017, ADM Value has become our sole service provider for Customer Services in all European markets: covering 11 languages from Swedish to English, including German and Italian. We were the first client on the site in Barcelona, which was a great adventure. It was also a strategic project for both companies, which was deployed quite brilliantly!

    We finally transferred out last activity to the Tessi Group this year: moderating content and texts. It is this moderated content that makes up the profile of all the singles on Meetic. Needless to say, the stakes are high for us. A Meetic client is 8 times more likely to be contacted when their profile is complete. So our requirements are strong and constant. And I would like to thank Tessi for managing to moderate the first photo sent by a member of Meetic in less than 5 minutes on average. And 24 hours a day.

    2. To what extent does Tessi, as a service provider, help you with your core business?

    ADM Value by Tessi manages our customer service and moderation operations. These are 2 different core business areas. Different skill-sets to find and to keep on the HR and Customer Relations market.

    These excellent long-term operational results play a big part in creating Meetic’s good brand image. Put another way, the Tessi Group helps us to fulfil our promise as the most serious player on the online dating market. 

    Otherwise, I can cite a good and measurable example: ADM Value by Tessi has made it possible for Meetic to win 12 of the 15 Customer Relations awards on the French market since 2012 (Voted Customer Service of the Year and Best Online Customer Relations, Qualiweb). This puts Meetic in the top 5 most powerful brands in terms of Customer Relations over the last ten years, all business sectors combined.

    3. In what way has Tessi become a trusted ally / an indispensable partner for Meetic?

    The current health crisis offers yet another example of the unfailing commitment of the teams from ADM Value. Almost all the moderators are based in Madagascar. A country where only 8% of homes have a PC. The top management at the centre in Madagascar thought ahead and ordered laptops or installed desktop computers in the agent’s homes. Our KPIs have not fallen since March and the start of working from home. Stunning!


    Account by Vincent Galeraud, Customer Relations Director at Meetic

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