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    Now more than ever, technology plays a central role in the daily lives of companies. The difficult period we are going through is a perfect illustration. Without technology, we could not continue to work and the whole economy would collapse. But technology alone is not enough to allow companies to increase their agility and competitiveness. It is exactly in this context that a concept seems to be developing on a large scale: BPS or Business Process Services.

    But what is BPS?

    In real terms, Business Process Services consists of integrating additional aspects into traditional Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) such as innovation, digital pathways, etc. It allows companies to outsource the management of various business processes, to industrial them end-to-end, and to improve the quality of service and smoothness of processing for many operations. By outsourcing management tasks, companies can concentrate on developing their core activities. Business Process Services must therefore, always be part of a strategy of innovation and focussed on excellence. The objective is simple: permanently associating service and technology, with the sole aim of making the user journey and associated processes smoother.

    A field of expertise that you cannot improvise

    Another point to take into account is the notion of partial or total delegation—from receiving documents to their verification including tracking the customer file, asking for additional information, right up to final validation.

    Innovation is the key to Business Process Services

    In view of these factors, we can easily understand that innovation is a central aspect to take into account in any BPS approach. So, for example, by integrating data mining and open data into your approach, it is possible to contribute added value to your data and to go even further in processing operations. Continuous innovation has to be an integral part of BPS.

    These different factors highlight that Business Process Services will play a central role in successfully managing a company’s processes. There is little doubt that this background trend will increase strongly in the years to come. One thing is for certain, it is by increasing their agility and quality of service that companies will be able to continue to develop over the long-term, and this can only happen if they completely review how they process their operations.

    By Virginie Degeorgis, Chief Executive Officer – Tessi France

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