The Pépites Shaker, partner of technological startups, presents Visibrain: the social networks monitoring platform that protects your reputation.

Are you familiar with the badbuzz phenomenon? All those who understand English will understand that this does not bode well… We’ll fill you in: badbuzz is when your e-reputation takes a hit and it becomes viral. Then Visibrain comes into play: the tool that helps you maintain your brand reputation 24/7.

It has technology for monitoring the online press, blogs and social networks to communicate what is said about your brand in real time. No company is immune to a phenomenon such as badbuzz. With the importance of social networks today, consumers are becoming influencers of your brand image. The company’s discourse, formerly solely conveyed thereby, blends with that of users.

The challenge is to protect your e-reputation by being responsive and on the lookout for information available. Negative e-reputation can alter the brand image of the company in the long term. It has a significant impact on the sales, visibility and attractiveness of the company in terms of recruiting competent staff. In fact, a model proposed by the Harvard Business Review estimates that 89% of consumers rely on online comments.

With Visibrain, you are the first to know when you receive an alert for abnormal activity and can keep an eye on your industry. This tool is essential for community managers, those in the company at the heart of interactions with Internet users but also communication managers, who can be responsive and adjust their crisis strategy. It means you no longer suffer the image given by users of your company and can adjust your communication to better frame the dialogue around your brand.

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