Pépites Shaker, Tessi's accelerator, supports RogerVoice, the startup that makes deaf and hard-of-hearing telephone communications accessible.

At Tessi, we loved the startup RogerVoice and the team that took on this human and ambitious project. A key player in telephone accessibility, RogerVoice develops the 1st application which subtitles telephone calls instantly. The app allows people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to communicate freely over the phone without the assistance of a third party. Tessi’s teams met Olivier Jeannel, the founder of RogerVoice. Everyone agrees that Olivier is an entrepreneur unlike any other. At a very young age, he lost much of his hearing and because he lived in the United States, he received specialised support to minimise the difficult situations he faces. When he moved to Paris, it was another story! He noted the real lack of accessibility for people with hearing loss. He then got involved in associations to support the cause of equal opportunities. For him, accessibility is not an option but a right for all! It is with the will to remedy the accessibility difficulties met by 7 million * French people, that created RogerVoice. His ambition: to put an end to the barriers to communication. He achieves this by making use of artificial intelligence. Based on recognition technologies and speech synthesis, the application works very simply. The voice of the contact is subtitled in real time and the messages written by the user are vocalised for the interlocutor. The user can therefore follow and consult the history of the conversation. The contact receives a voice transmission. Today, the RogerVoice adventure is almost 5 years old and boasts a qualified team of around 20 employees. The company is positioned as a solution offering companies customer service accessible to all and in compliance with the latest legislation. The collaboration between RogerVoice and Tessi is above all a co-construction of an offer adapted to the Group’s customers. We combine RogerVoice’s innovative technology solution with our business expertise to respond to emerging market challenges.

*source: http://www.surdi.info/bibliographie/des-chiffres-autour-de-la-surdite

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