Pépites Shaker lends itself to gamification with Pinpin Team Tessi counts Pinpin Team among its partner startups, the gamification agency and mobile gaming studio.

The Pépites Shaker team was looking for a gaming nugget. Well, they found it! Pinpin Team is the startup that transposes the motivation mechanisms from the video game to professional themes. This startup is positioned as the expert digital agency in gaming. And for good reason, it knows this well because Pinpin Team is also a mobile gaming studio. A success story that has more than 10 million downloads and since 2008 has wanted to gamify business practices. Why are companies interested in gamification? Géraud Paillard-Brunet, founder of Pinpin Team, explains: “Lack of commitment is a problem that affects many companies. Gamification presents itself as one of the most effective methods to involve and retain the company’s actors, customers and partners. By focusing on the intrinsic motivations of humans such as autonomy, reward, progression or social interactions, gamification brings people together and motivates them towards a common goal. It is a powerful tool for long-term commitment and team performance. The fields explored by the Pinpin Team are numerous: e-learning, training, connected objects, educational content, serious games, business challenges, contests, advergames, etc. Pinpin Team supports companies, from the development of the digital gamification strategy to the development of the solution and its communication. It is this approach that has pushed Tessi’s teams to develop a collaboration with Pinpin Team. The value proposition of this partnership is above all visibility. By participating in Tessi’s Innovation Afterwork or Showcase, Pinpin Team is proudly presented by The Pépites Shaker to the Group’s customers.

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