The human language interpreting engine that automates customer service Pépites Shaker, Tessi's accelerator, supports, the technology for the automated comprehension of human language.

At Tessi, we have a strong interest in the European business and technology community. Through the Pépites Shaker, we are looking for differentiating and innovative technological solutions. is a perfect example. Its human language interpretation engine makes it possible to create control interfaces of control via the natural language. The collaboration between and Tessi is a reciprocal joy! It is built on a base of common values and interests that drives both companies: the passion for Artificial Intelligence technologies, automation and client focus. is a startup that modifies human-machine interactions as we know them. By developing its software to understand human language, facilitates dialogue with the machine. The opposition ‘Human versus The Machine’ is now evolving towards what can be considered more like a collaboration: teamwork between the user and their digital tools. has developed a powerful engine for interpreting natural language; a technology that can automate customer and business services. The interest: to guarantee a better reactivity of your services and to improve the performance of your employees. Take the example of email automation. Thanks to its AI, suggests processing the contents of an email and automatically answering the most common customer requests, through a linguistic approach and not by machine learning. The result: considerable time saving that allows you to focus your energy on developing and maintaining a privileged customer relationship. Numerous user experiences are possible: chatbot, automation of the customer relationship centre, form replacement by free fields, voice control, etc, with the sole aim of making the interaction between the company and the user client more fluid. Following the “Voice First” revolution, Tessi focuses on integrating to place artificial intelligence at the heart of information processing processes. Therefore, we are proud to have as part of the Pépites Shaker!

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