The virtual team performance assistant Pépites Shaker introduces Entr'UP, the startup that optimises meetings and improves team performance.

Do you also feel that there are not enough hours in a day to do all the work you’ve arranged? Imagine if we could better optimise the time spent in meetings and teamwork! This is the aim of the startup Entr’UP by developing Aster, the smart assistant that manages your meetings (agenda, role of participants) and generates your reports automatically.

At Tessi, we wanted to experiment with the Entr’UP solution to understand how it works. It’s convenient, the interface integrates directly with the Outlook calendar. The idea is to allow the different participants in a meeting to communicate their objectives and the expected contributions of each of them before it takes place. Entr’UP is part of a judicious observation: we spend 80% of our working time in interactions with others. A worrying percentage for team productivity.

The Aster ‘smart assistant’ will greatly reduce the hours spent in meetings. You will only attend those that seem most relevant to you. Time saving, but not only that. It is also a way to enhance your participation in a team. The members are more involved and the consequence is a sense of effectiveness and greater personal accomplishment. We regularly hear about flexibility, methods that are of particular interest to Pépites Shaker to meet the needs of businesses. This solution is a step (or rather a leap!) towards flexible and efficient team collaboration.

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