CYWYC converts visitors to your site to clients of The Pépites Shaker CYWYC account – “Connect You With Your Client” - among its technological nuggets. The objective of the startup: to increase sales via your website and make clients loyal using client relationships: LiveChat, ChatBot, VoiceBot.

Who has never found it impossible to access a company by browsing the web? Although interested in the product, visitors to a site are sometimes dissuaded from finalising their purchase because of a lack of information or contact with the company. CYWYC is customer interaction solutions that keep users on your page, increase your conversion rate, cross selling (additional sales) and up selling (sales of a higher-end product) and improve after-sales service. The key to a customer relationship, to not lose any sales opportunity, is to be available at any time to respond to users. It is also necessary to create a relationship of trust and for that it is important to humanise contact with the company. CYWYC is the startup that will create and maintain dialogue between a brand and its customers. By pairing a ChatBot (also able to be activated during a phone call) and respond instantly to questions from visitors, before or after the purchase, and a LiveChat allowing an advisor to regain control of specific requests, CYWYC responds to all the current issues of the customer relationship. By studying user behaviour on your site, CYWYC knows the customer journey and knows when to help by triggering email windows. This builds a personalised and preferred user experience. In addition to these solutions, CYWYC can offer the management of level 2 applications with a wider range of customer opening hours: their team is available 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm. The CYWYC offer is an effective acquisition method for optimising the performances of your site through monitoring by a team of customer relationship professionals. See the CYWYC website Find out more about the Hy-Bot System

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