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Pépites Shaker

Supporting disruptive start-ups
Pépites Shaker, Tessi's innovative European start-up accelerator

Pépites Shaker has been growing since March 2017 by identifying future innovative technologies which are a driving force for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Through its acceleration programme, Tessi offers the visibility and strategy advice needed for start-ups during the development phase.

Being a part of Tessi’s Pépites Shaker means:

  • increasing your visibility via different forums: Tessi internal networks, customer or “inter-pépites” meetings, posts on our social networks, and press coverage,
  • growing your business by integrating your solutions into Tessi offers and access to the group’s client portfolio,
  • sharing essential values with us such as digital trust, a client-centric attitude or valuing human capital.

Tessi’s Digital Innovation Strategy Division is in charge of steering projects and supporting start-ups in the programme, while also taking an interest in all kinds of technology.

Currently, the Pépites Shaker is centred around artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, NLU/NLP, personal assistants, open data, and blockchain.

When our customers make use of Pépites Shaker, they are benefiting from:

  • personalised sourcing to detect innovative technologies specific to their projects,
  • priority access to the programme’s start-ups during Innovation Afterworks or wake-up conferences for executives and management
  • permanent monitoring of technology and feedback on major events: CES, VivaTech, etc.

Discover some of the Pépites Shaker’s startups below:


The Corporate Communication and Digital Innovation Strategy Director, Emmanuelle Ertel, presents the Pépites Shaker, Tessi’s start-up accelerator.


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