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Tessi announces that it has gained eIDAS qualification for the sending of Electronic Registered Letters (ERL)

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    The legislation covering Electronic Registered Letters has changed since 1 January 2019 and now requires greater security. It requires all ERL providers to obtain a qualification issued by the Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI - the French Information Systems Security Agency), a branch of the Ministry of the Interior.

    As the new year dawns, Tessi Document Services has confirmed its total compliance as a trusted service provider and third party ERL forwarder. On
    1 January 2019, its Tessi POST LRE service gained qualification from the ANSSI for ERL sent to artificial persons.

    This qualification was issued following the audit of the Tessi POST LRE service, by the Oppida – a service provider approved by the ANSSI as an IT security assessment centre or CESTI (Centre d’Evaluation de la Sécurité des Technologies de l’Information).

    This marks the end of a long process during which we did everything possible to offer our clients and the market as a whole a high-quality service for the sending of ERL, in compliance with the applicable laws” explained ERL Project Leader Richard Lamy.

    This qualification means that the users of Tessi POST LRE can be sure of the solution’s reliability and compliance: both essential aspects in this age of “digital confidence”.

    Tessi POST LRE is an innovative solution making it possible to manage the production and sending of electronic registered letters. It issues more than 275,000 outgoing ERL each year on behalf of several companies in the insurance, banking and real estate sectors. It also manages almost 102,000 incoming ERL on behalf of recipients.


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