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Vinci Autoroutes

Digital subscriptions for motorway toll subscriptions

Presentation of the client

VINCI Autoroutes, the leading operator of motorways operated under a concession, welcomes 2.2 million customers every day and has 3 million Electronic toll system subscribers.

Using an online subscription solution for Motorway toll subscriptions is a success, customers immediately signed up!

Karine BALLYMAGNAN - Electronic Toll System Payments Manager 

The client’s issue

In order to smooth the activity related to Electronic toll system subscriptions, VINCI Autoroutes wished to implement an online subscription solution. The stated aims were: to facilitate subscriptions in a secure environment,

to better manage the seasonality phenomenon, and to reduce paper flows

The solution offered by Tessi

The Tessi CONTRACT solution that has been put in place makes it possible to manage online all of the contractual processes for subscriptions and the validation of SEPA mandates required for direct debits. The subscription to the Electronic toll system is secure thanks to the use of an electronic signature and verification of the eligibility of the IBAN. The solution is also integrated into VINCI Autoroutes’ website’s online sales process.


  • Reducing processing costs
  • Reducing the processing lead-times for files by 30%
  • Reducing paper subscription applications by 90%
  • More than 200,000 customer actions in less than one year of operation

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