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The Pasteur Mutualité Group

Electronic management of policy holder files and flows

Presentation of the client

The Pasteur Mutualité Group is a top ranking mutual insurance group, administered by health care professionals. It offers solutions to meet all the needs of health care, providential insurance, professional third party liability, general risks of medical establishments, retirement, independence, loan, residential and automotive insurance.

We chose Tessi DOCUBASE for the simplicity, the exhaustiveness and the flexibility of their solution, which they were able to adapt to our organisation and our professional requirements. The assistance with change management offered by Tessi at every stage of the project was one of the key factors in making it a success.

Khaled NAMAOUI - Deputy Director of Services to Policy Holders

The client's issue

The Group wished to deploy an EDM solution to digitise policy holder files and the associated back-office operations, in order to better answer the organisational issues caused by ever greater flows of information, from multichannel sources.

The solution offered by Tessi

Tessi is assisting the Pasteur Mutualité Group in optimising the processing of the communication flows for policy holder files: paper correspondence is digitised at the head office, as well as emails and the electronic flows from the tablet computer applications of advisors that are indexed and integrated as part of the EDM/Workflow Tessi Docubase solution. When interfaced with the company’s business tools, the solution makes it possible to automate all of the processes for managing files, thereby improving the productivity of the teams and the quality of their work and the service.


  • Modernising the management of files
  • Reducing processing times
  • Improving the quality of service for policy holders
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Ease of use

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