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Société Générale Factoring

Online onboarding and electronic signature platform

Presentation of the client

In June 2018, Compagnie Générale d’Affacturage (CGA), a fully-held subsidiary of Société Générale, which is dedicated to factoring, became Société Générale Factoring. By adopting the brand Société Générale Factoring, the subsidiary of the Société Générale Group that is specialised in factoring enhanced its anchoring in the Group and aims to continue to grow and to build on its position as an essential player in the sector.

The challenge of electronic signatures at the end of the pathway is no longer just about the signature itself, but also its compliance with the steps of authentication, certification and invoice archiving. Tessi offered us a very high quality solution for the configuration of the service.

Sylvain Noël - Client Services Manager, Société Générale Factoring

The client's issue

“To meet the needs of customers who are seeking innovation and fluidity in the factoring market, which is as old as that for finance, we needed to innovate,” explains Sylvain Noël, head of Client Services at Société Générale Factoring. Whereas, the market is changing fast. The birth of new more flexible structures was the triggering element for brainstorming in the Group. Beyond the buzz, these structures emphasised precise points in customer relations as the time for starting a relationship or onboarding. The volumes handled are however far below those of Société Générale Factoring, which benefits from the physical network of Société Générale. But that is not enough. At the time of digital technology, the company must be accessible online and go further than its “showcase” site to enhance its customer relations.

The solution offered by Tessi

Société Générale Factoring called on Tessi for an immense project: opening its first online marketing channel. Envisaged in an agile “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) mode, the platform was in particular built around a KYC platform with the automated reading of documents (proof of identity, extracts from the Trade & Companies Register, banking information, etc.), and an electronic signature platform. “Tessi offered us a very high quality solution for the configuration of the service, particularly for optimising the performance and the OCR response time.”

The teams from Société Générale Factoring and Tessi worked together to meet the challenge of putting the platform online in less than a year. “Now we need to take on the market. We set out to create an end-to-end service, now we need to think about the next uses and build on this experience,” confided Sylvain Noël.


  • A seamless and secure end-to-end process
  • Maximum responsiveness (7 to 8 seconds response time on average)
  • Complete management of non-standardised documents
  • A fully automated recognition rate of 60% to 85% depending on the documents

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