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Retraites Populaires

The eDossier project: A Case Management project

Presentation of the client

Founded more than 110 years ago, Retraites Populaires is one of the main mutualist groups in Switzerland. Retraites Populaires specialises in life insurance and occupational benefits plans in the canton of Vaud, and manages future income and pensions for 200,000 members. Also active in real estate, mortgages, and lending, as well as management for benefits institutions, Retraites Populaires is headquartered in Lausanne.

Key figures:

  • Wealth managed: CHF 24.5 billion
  • Insured members: 200,000
  • Real estate holdings: 13,000 housing units
  • Employers and apprentices: 370
Think big, start small

Mathieu Pellet - IT project manager

The client's issue

In 2017, the number of companies and local authorities who were members of Retraites Populaires or a managed benefits fund reached around 2,800. This pattern of strong growth means the volume of information to process is on the rise, as are interactions with clients and partners. Managers must process client cases faster and faster, even as these cases become more complicated. Advisors and managers are having trouble processing so many requests, and for good reason: scattered data, not enough resources to prioritise cases, and non-optimal processing times. Adapting the technological ecosystem to match up to personnel’s and clients’ needs is becoming an urgent matter. In line with its 2025 strategy, which includes goals of retaining existing clients and optimising processes, Retraites Populaires would like to improve client relations in a concrete way, increase managers’ everyday efficiency, and facilitate collaboration among managers and leadership. In a few figures, Retraites Populaires is setting itself the challenge of: giving advisors and managers a 360° vision of the partner or client; reducing the time spent by advisors/managers on processing client cases by 30 minutes per day; and, finally, meeting client response deadlines 95% of the time.

The solution proposed by Tessi

Following several conversations between Retraites Populaires and GDOC about the idea of implementing Case Management applications, Retraites Populaires is launching its call for tender, certain that it wants to turn to this kind of solution. Therefore, in response to this call for tender, GDOC is formulating a proposal that meets expectations: The idea is to integrate a Case Management solution that can be linked to third-party solutions, is powerful and efficient enough to handle the volumes in question, and has a user-friendly interface. Based on needs and as an integrator and long-time partner of the publisher Hyland, GDOC proposes integrating the “Onbase” solution with its Case Management features. Won over by the integrator/publisher proximity, and reassured by the successful execution of an earlier project, Retraites Populaires is signing a partnership with GDOC for a large-scale project that will be conducted on a tight timeline. The eDossier project involves implementation a Case Management solution for four areas of business representing a workload of 3,000 man-days over two years.


  • Ability to manage the unpredictable within a technologically homogeneous framework.
  • Fast access to information for greater relevance in decision-making and better quality of service
  • The ability to create interfaces with inexpensive business tools that can be customised using the Onbase solution's configurations

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