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Digitisation and electronic management of customer flows

Presentation of the client

Médicis—a health cover provider for Companies and Freelancers—offers complementary retirement savings solutions for traders, crafts people and company managers.

Sharing information and optimising our internal processes helped us to increase operational efficiency and the quality of services for clients.

Abdul SMAILY - Director of Information Systems

The client's issue

To improve the quality of service for its clients, Médicis wanted to acquire a document management solution that would optimise the processing of files for potential clients and policy holders.

The solution offered by Tessi

To meet their needs, Médicis chose the Tessi Docubase solution to digitise and store its flows in EDM, both for incoming communication (paper letters, emails to take out policies, etc.) or outgoing (answers to policy holders, bulk printing, management, etc.). With an automated document recognition and reading engine, requests to take out a policy are automatically sorted and indexed ready for archiving and work flow processing of all the policy holder documents.


  • Reduction in the costs of processing paper contracts
  • Increased productivity through full processing of all the flows
  • Traceability of events
  • Statistical views of the processing lead-times for each service and type of document:
  • Making flows secure
  • Electronic archiving and making flows secure

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