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Digitising invoicing and online payment

Presentation of the client

The French inter-professional association for livestock and meat, Interbev, is made up of 21 national professional organisations that represent different trades in the economic sector.

With Tessi you can talk with professionals who are able to understand your professional issues and to provide stable and durable solutions. Tessi’s solutions have made it possible for us to optimise the paperless management of our declarations and to optimise recovering contributions, whilst reducing our management costs. The ergonomics of the remote declaration and online payment portal meant that our members have adopted the tool without any major difficulties

Fabrice SCARAMELLI - Chief Financial Officer at Interbev

The client's issue

Interbev collects the contributions paid by professionals in the meat industry in France (abattoirs, importers, exporters, etc.) with regard to the volume of their activity (the monthly tonnage for slaughtering cattle, horses, sheep or goats, the number of heads for exports, etc.).

To optimise the processing and management costs for the 24,000 declarations it receives every year and recovering the associated contributions, Interbev decided to call on a trusted service provider to make its invoices paperless and implement an online payment solution.

The solution offered by Tessi

Tessi meets Interbev’s requirements by digitising the process of making declarations, issuing reminders and receiving payments through its software platform: Tessi INVOICE. Tessi also deploys its total payment portal: Tessi POP, which allows for the online payment of the 2,500 Interbev contributions.


  • 50% reduction in operating costs over 3 years
  • 99.65% recovery rate for contributions
  • Automating financial reporting
  • Compliance and security of invoices sent in electronic format
  • Allowing Interbev’s teams to focus on their core business

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