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Haya Real Estate

Contact Center for real estate commercialization

Haya Real Estate

One of the main Real Estate Servicers in the Spanish market in credit management and real estate assets, through a global service that incorporates the integral management of assets from the causes that originate the debt to the actual commercialization of the real estate, offering their clients support services for decision making and alternatives for financing projects through the securitization of assets.

The flexibility to adapt to the changes and evolution of the business quickly and the involvement with the project are two factors that distinguish Tessi BPO Solutions as a service provider, they manage to provide real value.

Client's opinion -

Service demanded by the client

Multichannel and multi-language service of general information on real estate assets marketed by Haya Real Estate, whether owned by them or by third parties for which Haya provides services, conducting telemarketing campaigns with different objectives (interested in real estate, obtaining visits, debt management and recovery, etc.), telephone sale of real estate and customer support in the purchase process. Service to tenants of real estate.

Solution implemented by Tessi

The implemented solution consists of a service managed through a unified queue, managed by an IVR that directs them to the corresponding specialized team. The CTI configuration allows interacting with the different channels and interactions (incoming calls, outgoing calls, emails, click to call, SMS) so that our agents can view the history of a customer’s interactions through any of its channels and manage what is pending in one unique interaction and a Web service has been developed for the automatic communication between the CRM of Haya Real Estate and the CTI for the automatic insertion of leads and feedback of the management.

The staff of the service is progressively trained in the different services and channels to promote the agility of the recruitment processes, with multi-skill personnel that attend any of the calls to ensure compliance with the SLA’s.

Advantages of the project

  • Agility before the requirements of new services, campaigns or variations in the volume of the activity.
  • Personalization of the service according to the third-party customers to which Haya Real provides service.
  • Customer experience
  • Implementation of new management channels

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